Tuesday, 8 September 2015

The Royal Opera House, Deloitte Ignite 2015 - A Festival Of Dance & Visual Arts‎, Lorna Hamilton-Brown MBE and Me

Oh gosh! oh woo woo! I have to tell you about the amazing day I had on Saturday 5th September 2015 at the Deloitte Ignite 2015 - A Festival Of Dance & Visual Arts.‎

The Beginning:
A few weeks ago I was sent an email inviting me to take part as an volunteer at the Deloitte Ignite 2015 - A Festival Of Dance & Visual Arts‎, taking part in the Finger Knitting workshop - run by the talented and most creative Lorna Hamilton-Brown MBE .

I have to say at first I was not sure if I would really fall into their catchment as I have moved out of London and it was specified more for London residents. 

Well after a bit of back and froth with the emails and me explaining what I can do ref. my creative craft/art background and teaching experience, everything seemed OK to go.

So what next I thought, I better get finger knitting and get in practice. So that's what I did. 
With me loving my jewellery making,  I proceed to make necklace after necklace - well what else was I going to make....;)

The Middle bit:
So it's the day before and I am not going to lie I was feeling a little nervous about the whole event - yep, I did think about cancelling. 

By the next morning I was getting ready to leave the house and I could not believe it (well, now since living in the PB I could) it was pouring down with rain and I knew I would be getting wet even before getting to the train station, even with an umbrella.  I proceeded to have a bit of a moment, as I could not find something and then I just felt like I didn't want to go any more. 

Well I kicked that in to touch and stashed all my stuff into a large Dr Martins bag, I ended up with a jacket and cardigan - umbrella and food for the journey, it was if I had packed a little suitcase for my journey into London.

Side note the day before I had gone along to The New Maynard Gallery, Welwyn Garden City to view the Preview of the Herts Open Studios 2015 and the weather was not sunny, however it was very dry and OK, just with grey cloud. You got to love Hertfordshire as sometimes it feels like you can experience 4 different seasons in the one day.

So enough of the buff and fluff on me, who is Lorna Hamilton–Brown MBE. Yegh! I know I had to do my own research myself. 

Well I read up on Lorna Hamilton-Brown MBE and there is a great interview with Lorna on line talking about her work and inspiration and she is really talented and I admire her style of work. 

I have to say here I am so not that current, as I do not keep so up to-date with current art world affairs, the 'la-la-ah' latest art movements, dare I say that...Although...I do love that creative world.

Mainly the only up to date news I keep in tune with is, what's happening on the cat walk of the fashion houses or the latest accessory season predictions or Pantone colours (yes I know...).  

Don't ask me who's the latest who's who and you know what I am not really that worried, I don't know because I know it's all going to change within a year or so. Also just being me, myself and I, some days can be work enough. ;)

However I do understand the reasons to keep up to date with what is going on, it's just I am most likely going to have my head buried in the book on the history of costume or checking my library of sewing patterns, that I dare not count as it's growing numbers are now embarrassing, as is going through my fabric hoard. 

So there I was doing my research on Lorna Hamilton-Brown when another textile fibre knitting artist, who I admire and have met and and who's knitting books I own Lauren O'Farrell  came up, as Lauren is quoted as saying Lorna  is the Banksy of the knitting world. 

OK Side nOte: Yegh back to me again ;) a good few years ago I was really into painting and re-designing my Oyster card wallets, by painting them and sticking flat back gems on to them. Then one day a bus inspector gets on the bus I am on, he goes to check my Oyster and as I show him my pass, he looks at it strangely.  I thought he was going to tell me off, when I asked if everything was OK, he just said he thought the pass cover was great and that it looked really Bansky - I was like oh gosh, what a complement. (Yes I knew and know who Bansky is ;) 

I met Loren a few years ago, it could of been back in 2012, when I went along to a Craft Council event for Craft Club at the V and A museum where she was speaking and teaching.

So by now - I was like oh whoa, this is going to be great,  well you know it was as I had a great day. Very tiring, however really great, I have just got to shake the dust of my own creativity.

Movng on ......The arrival:
Well when I final got into central London - 'The Big Smoke' :) it made me realise how long it had been since I was last up there...(End of June when we went to see John Suttleworth live) 

The streets were quiet as it was still too early for tourist and day trippers and everyone else, however there was some life about as some of the shops were open, as it was after 10 am.  

As I walked up from Leicester Square Station as Covent Garden Station was closed and that would of been my train station to get off from.  I did think it was a good thing I had worked and studied in that part of London, so I am use to some of the back streets, however I still made sure I asked for directions.   

I made my way to what I thought would be the entrance only to find out it was not, then to ROH gift shop which turned out to be the wrong one - as there are two ROH gift shops.  Myself and another person who I also found out was volunteering on the day was then escorted to the right entrance and we were then taken to a volunteer who on hearing our story took us straight to the 'Crush Room'.  Well all I can say it was a very beautiful lavish crush room as I was to find out later.

There we met Lorna and were asked if we had met Christine - on saying No - it was then realised that maybe we had missed our meeting point, so back downstairs we went and was united with our organiser, as the group by now had already gathered, we had time to meet each other and were all introduced

The Event: 
We got changed into out T-shirt Bight Orange with black print with Deloitte Ignite15 and Volunteer on the back. 

Lorna took us through the day and what we going to be doing, we had a brief finger knitting training session and then we were shown where we would be working, once settled we waited and it was not long before there were people waiting to come in and learn how to finger knit.

So the day began and it was busy all day long, we had a great lunch in the staff area and I felt we were well looked after throughout the day. 

The Volunteers I worked in the Crush Room with on the day were so kind and helpful throughout the day and made being there a pure pleasure.  If I lived closer I would of done both days, never mind it was all worth it in the end. 

The Aftermath:
OK...so I am not going to lie when I read that I would be working alongside Lorna Hamilton-Brown MBE, I was a little over whelmed by the MBE – I mean it is such a huge honour.

So what did I find out about myself, I am really more of a hobbies creative artist, hiding behind my own self and not doing a very good job it esp. when people call the artist out within me. I am just a shy artist with a creative angel inside, wanting and some days screaming to be let out. :) 

I also love the fact you go and meet someone like Lorna and they are so down to earth and inspire you so much, that you want to create and create... 

Sometimes it can feel really strange for me saying I am an artist, my husband likes to remind me what I have done and where I have been.

What a creative week - I love it! May God Bless and Guide you all to do good and be creative in your lives. 


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