Thursday, 23 February 2012

18th Century Pocket: Make Your Own

Whilst I was looking through my Horrockses book I saw this photo of this dress with pockets on the outside of the skirt.

I remembered making a version of these pockets when I was at college studying Theatre Costume Design,  I thought they looked great on the dress in the picture....mmmm I am thinking for just a contemporary look to an outfit.

The book below was bought at an antique shop when I was out and about in Shrewsbury last year, it is a historical costume book printed in 1954. 

It has detailed pictures of costumes, pockets and gloves from the 18th century.

The V & A Museum have instructions on how to make your own pocket here .

Embroidered satin pocket, Germany, 1775-1825. Museum no. 1437-1871

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