Sunday, 26 April 2015

Sewing Machine Post! Warning! Sewing Machine Post!

Ohhh as the weather gets a little better and the days are brighter, I am realising that I so have to get my Sewing Machines situation - SORTED OUT!  

I have already come to terms with the fact that I have a small sewing machine museum growing. Lets not talk about that now, I already know I need SMA!  

I was in Ashby-De-La-Zouch (what a great name for a town or place) and I went into a shop and I swear I heard the sewing machine that was on the floor say "Please Save Me".

I know, well anyway as myself and my husband proceed around the shop and I left the shop on this first visit and we went and had a lovely lunch.  I could not help but think about that sewing machine, I didn't even really know what make it was.  I actually visited the shop again and bought something else and I still heard the 'cry' of the sewing machine and although I had a conversation with the shop owner about the machine which by now I had seen was a 1960s style Singer. I left the shop without the sewing machine, it was not until we were in the car leaving Ashby-De-La-Zouch and on the way out of the area. I told my husband, well I kind of whispered I wanted the sewing machine and made my husband turn the car around so we could go and 'save' the sewing machine.  Yes, I know and the funny thing was there was a space right outside the shop, as if it was waiting for us when the shop owner saw me she even knew what I had come for, I did the transaction quickly as I was holding the sewing machine in one hand  and you know how those older machines can be heavy, I did not even feel the pull  on my arm, my hubby was shocked.   All I knew was that I had to 'save' the sewing machine from what I don't know but I had 'save' it!  My Singer 317 is home with me.

I have to say, I have been known to visit antique/vintage and charity shops and if there is a sewing machine of interest, I have taken an intake of breath, especially if is a beauty and has a shuttle bobbin or mother of pearl inlay on the base.  I know I just love it! 

OK moving on my mother-in-law (who made our Cocoon by Valori Wells quilt) moved house, one of the items that seem to be hanging around was her sewing machine which she said she did not want.  Well I did not really go over it, I just said I would have it. I was not even sure what I would do with it or where to even put it, All I knew it was not going to the dump.  So that is living with me too now, it's a 'New Home' Janome Model 674.  The funny thing is the case is in the colours of Claret and Blue - West Ham FC Colours.

sewcreatviely - I should say now, I actually do own a 'modern' sewing machine that I bought about 7 years ago, you know the ones with over 80 stitches and can write your name, (I usually only use 4-5 stitches) well it really needs looking at as I have put it through it's paces making Debrafide fabric. Before that machine, my third arm was a little Toyota that I bought in the mid 90's and is around 20 years old now. 

Sewing Machines! You Got 2 Sew Love It!

Saturday, 11 April 2015

DEBRAFIDE on Hertfordshire Visual Arts - HVA 2015

Hello this is just a quick post to say that I have now uploaded images onto my HVA gallery page 

I joined back in Feb of this year, as I was pretty excited to see that there was a Visual Arts in Hertfordshire as I had only known about VAN Visual Art at the heart of Shropshire, Telford and Wrekin. I understand they are different however after years of visiting VAN and even buying art work, prints, jewellery and cards and not obviously being able to join as I do not live in Shropshire, I thought I would investigate the HVA and in doing so decided to join.

The images are of some of my "faithful's" which you will recognise from either one of my blog sites Debrafide or ElizaDoesLots.  

I am currently working on some on going projects, not sure what will happen with them next as my creative journey is spinning, moving, winning and dancing at the moment. I am just going to go with the flow and see what happens. 

So in a funny way I think I have arrived officially as a Creative Artist in Hertfordshire (although I am still a little low key!) 

Stay Creative People - 
You just never know where it will take you next... Don't Block your flow by standing in your own doorway.

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Courtyard Arts and Community Centre, Hertford, Hertfordshire, UK

On a recent trip out to Hertford, I came across a street sign directing the way to Courtyard Arts and it resonated with me as I remembered that when we first moved to Hertfordshire that I had spent time looking this place up on-line, as there was some art classes I was interested in taking.

So when we were out and about in Hertford and I saw the sign, I knew it was sign if you know what I mean and off we went to look for Courtyard Arts. 

I am so glad we did as the exhibition that was on that day was a retrospective exhibition by the Textile Group Nine and it featured an amazing and inspiring range of creative textiles and embroideries. You can see part of one in the photo on the events programme.

The work was of a superb quality and so amazing for me to see up close. I felt like I would pass out with the excitement.

Recently I have met some really talented textile creative Hertfordshire people and they have really excited my creativity in so many ways. 

Some have been what I call totally at the other end of the spectrum to what I do when it comes to my Art and Creativity, however for me I just find it all so amazing, refreshing and so exciting. 

Now some days I don’t know whether to bead or sew or sew or bead, it like being on a creatively different level and high, all exciting and nervous all at the same time – I'M LOVING IT!


Just what I needed

Embroideries and Textiles rule:)

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

2015 Summer Days and Holidays Sewing!

At the weekend the sun came out for a brief appearance and the skies  were sunny over Hertfordshire, it was lovely weather even if it was for a short time.  

I have decided to gather some of my summer fabrics and get making, getting ready for the hot summer days to come. 

Although I have not moved away from the Maxi Skirts just yet :)

Last month on the 3rd, I was dreaming of Summer Days on a snowy day as I wrote in my blog post below: 

Dreaming Of Summer Dress Days To Come On A Snowy Day In Hertfordshire

Roll on Summer Days - Sew Summer Create!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

The Multiple Sclerosis Charity Shop, East Barnet Village, North London And My New Debrafide Beret!

On one of my rare journeys back into London, I went to East Barnet, which to be fair is only about 10 minutes away by train from where I live and although it is in North London, when you are there it still feels like you could be in Hertfordshire. 

On a side note I have not been on the underground train line for a long while now, come to think about it, it could be almost 5 months, wow - well enough of all that.... 

I made a visit to East Barnet Village early February and popped into The Multiple Sclerosis Charity Shop  where I got chatting with the two ladies who were running the shop at the time of my visit and they made me feel very welcomed. 

Well as I noticed that there were some interesting decanters for sale and I thought I would let Mr W know and suggest we drop in for a visit the next day.

Which we did and two gorgeous decanters were purchase and came home with us.

Do you remember a couple of years ago I blog posted about our then new liking for decanters and how they looked great when lit up by little lights.

You can read the blog post by clicking the link below: 

Debrafide and Co.: Decanter Crystal Light Stand Collection

Well second time around on my visit I was wearing one of my berets with a brooch attached to the front and I was kindly gifted a new bright pink beret.

So I knew I would have to go 'Debrafide Style' and decorate this beret as I wanted to cover it with beads and beads and beads which I have done. 

Even for me it feels a little overly embellished and that's saying something, but it looks great when worn esp. when the light catches some of the beads.  I just went to town on it, although there is some type of pattern with shapes, it still feels very free style in appearance and I just love that.

I think this beret is going to be my new favourite fashion accessory throughout March 2015.

In one of the photos I have arranged the beret in the hallway at the bottom of our stairs with a collection of items including one of my Debrafide Hearts I had left over from a few years ago, which lives there now as a 'pretty interesting item' to look at when I am in our hallway.

I just wanted to say thank you to the ladies in the shop and thank you for the conversation and information, it was lovely meeting you both and keep up the great work! 

For further information on this organisation please click on the link:

Creativity in the Spring Time! I am LoVing it!

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Maxi Skirt: Debrafide TWO To ONE!

Hello -

This is yet another one of my maxi skirt creations, this time I used a 70's maxi skirt (brown and red in colouring) mixed in with a pair of 60's crimpline trousers that I bought years and years ago as part of a suit, that I just knew I would never wear however I really liked the tiny green and white print for some reason. 

Well here I am again mixing up the fabrics and the prints, the front is the same as the back apart from it does not have pleated tucks on the hem seams where the different fabric join together or buttons. 

I added 8 acrylic pearl buttons on the front to give it a bit of a highlight. In the photo I have also teamed it with my JewelLucia:

It is funny because I have come to realise that although I do make and create my own Debrafide fabrics using bits and pieces of scrap fabric, this skirt seems to be jarring against my harmonious tones in my head, as I am not too sure of the colour combination. 

Yes I know Mrs Mix It Up:  Tone and Texture D, is saying this, but not to worry as I have designed it, when I get bored of it, I can always up-cycle it and make it into a bag or something.

That's why I love handicrafts and making, I can just create and experiment the way I want to and it becomes my own wearable art.


Thursday, 5 February 2015

BBC TV Shows: The Great British Sewing Bee and Quick and Easy Dressmaking by Diana Crutchley.

After the huge 'Buzz' and the Sewing Excitement of the BBC TV show The Great British Sewing Bee series 1 (2013) and series 2 (2014), with series 3 (2015) starting tonight,  

I thought I would return back to my copy of  Quick and Easy Dressmaking by Diana Crutchley  which was a 1950's BBC TV Women's Hour programme, I still find it an amazing book looking through the designs that was published after the TV show in 1958.

Here Are Other Some Of My Made By Me Quick and Easy Dressmaking by Diana Crutchley Projects:

Quick and Easy Dressmaking - Pattern No.15 - Spring Short Jacket

One of my mini mico projects this year is to return to this book and sew through as much as  I can. 


Wednesday, 4 February 2015

By George! St Albans, Hertfordshire, UK

Myself and my husband went on a sought of day trip to St Albans in Hertfordshire and I took him to the By George Craft Arcade, which I had visited just before Christmas last year.

It is an Emporium of Craftiness and like the flyer says a unique collection, before Christmas I bought a handmade tree ornament of a Christmas tree which I really like.  On this trip I came away with a collection of off cuts of wood bought from the same artist that I bought the Christmas Tree, which I will disclose more about on my JewelLucia Blog at a later date.

It is a very welcoming and friendly place where the artisans and crafters help run the shop so you get to meet the face behind the items so to speak. 

It's great to see this shop in the older part of St Albans, it really lends to the curiosity and craftiness of the feel for the shop.


Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Dreaming Of Summer Dress Days To Come On A Snowy Day In Hertfordshire

This morning when I woke up and proceeded to open the curtains and look out the bedroom window.  I saw a snow covered garden.  The garden did look beautiful like a winter fairy forest with a cabin at the end of it. However I could not help but think about Warmer Summer Days .

So today I had a look through my photo image files and realised I had not blog posted about one of my favourite easy wear summer dresses from 2014.

Photos of the Garden on a Summer Evening in 2014- It almost looks tropical! 

Yes, yet another strapless number but I love them and my tunics.  They are easy and versatile and at the time I was a sewing machine down and was doing a lot of hand sewing to keep me active.  

I just loved the print and the fabric but not the style of dress, sounds familiar, this does happen a lot with me, always  re-designing.

So what did I do,  I just cut off the black top part, hemmed it and threaded an elastic band through and made it strapless.   The dress was just drowning me in it's original form, I thought it looked very nighty-ish before

I better go...I have some creative arty crafty makes to be getting on with, I am on to a long haul personal project that I really want to get stuck into before the summer does arrive and yes as well as the Maxi Skirt and Denim projects, all these sewing projects and not enough hours in the day.  :) You  know what I can can get like, I get distracted ..... ooooo look new beads, new necklace...... :)

 (Sung To The Of Tune: There's No Business Like Show Business). - There's No Business like The Creative Craft Business, There's No Business I know - It Can Give You That Happy Feeling, That You Could Be Seeking, This I know - 

Creative Crafts Forever and Ever and Ever...

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Maxi Skirt This And Maxi Skirt That - I'm LoVing iT

Do you remember my?  (click link below)

The M54A5 Two Into One Vintage Maxi Skirt Re-chic 

Well I had a fabric panel left over from the A5 part of the skirt which is the black fabric although I was originally intending to make a jacket style top I thought it would go great with this 1970's vintage cotton maxi skirt that I bought and as I loved the flower print on this skirt, I decided that I would insert it into the front as both fabric complement each other.  It makes for a long extra flowing skirt, however I really like the styling on this skirt. 

So on to the next maxi - this one was hand sewn, I tell you what they are keeping my legs warm and cosy in this cold and temperature dropping weather. 

Although there are days I feel like I have dressed up in a late 19th century to early 20th century long skirt.  But I am loving it.


Thursday, 8 January 2015

Maxi Skirts: I Am So Maxi Skirt!

Recently I have been buying up vintage maxi skirts left right and centre and it started off when I saw this photo  by Neil Kenlock, 'Untitled [Young Jamaican lady standing in her mother's front room in Brixton Hill]', 1973 as part of a V&A  photo display exhibition to start next month, called Staying Power. Important and Thought Provoking, if you are in London Go and see it or check it out on line.

When I saw the photo that inspired my MaxiSkirt Love Affair - Apart from OMGoodness as it felt like I was looking through my own family photo album from the 70s, my family being from the Caribbean Island of St Lucia.  

I was like I want her skirt - yes I know very Random .  Although when I was in my late teens to early twenties,  by day I was very much a Miss 1960's to 1970's dresser and raided my mum "vintage" fabrics and mum and dad’s wardrobe for all things 60’s and 70's and now it all gets called vintage well I guess I remember when it was 2nd hand.

It surprises me even now when I see that clothes from the 90’s are tagged vintage.
Anyway....Moving ON....

I thought this would be a side line project, its turning into a monster I love. I thought that as I love a long skirt I could get in some Crimplene/Polyester fabric maxi skirts, as some of the prints and styles are so vivid and wild, then I thought about mixing the fabrics together so I took out some of the panels of skirts and swapped them around or added them to other skirts that I already had in my collection.  

Below are photos where you can see what I have done using three maxi skirts.  One was plain brown, one with brown and yellow flowers in a geometric pixelated style on to a white background and one that looked like it has a patch worked denim blue and brown floral fabric printed onto it.

The one on the left was a little too long in the front so I  hitched up the front two corners with a vertical pleat stitch. 

I did not bother to do a before photo as I was all about the after and as I wanted to get them finished and worn.

At the momentI am so about my maxi skirt darling but loving it.  Next... more skirts and Denim…..

Thursday, 25 December 2014

My Angel Of Shrewsbury, The Christmas Nativity And The Big Market Art Off 2014


Happy Christmas to you all!

How is it going for you?  I hope all is well and you are enjoying your day.

I have finally got around to Blog post the photos of my 'Angel of Shrewsbury' entry to the Big Market Art Off on here Debrafide as I indicated on the my Blog
 ElizaDoesLots it was actually featured in 2 newspapers. 

The Shropshire Star and then the Shrewsbury Chronicle.

There is quote from me talking about my love for Shrewsbury: as a Creative Craft Teacher who lives in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire.

I cannot explain in words how much it meant to me to have had this opportunity to take part and then having both newspapers run with a photo of my art work and to have a quote from myself  talking about the market and my love for Shrewsbury featured.   

What a fantastic feeling it was, a true dream come true,  it was just an amazing feeling and a great way to end my year.

This has really giving me a great boost to my creativity for 2015

Totally Amazing!!!

Here is the image in full with the nativity scene included set in and around Shrewsbury and Shrewsbury Town landmarks.  It was a big piece of work for me (the size of a single bed sheet) which included hand stitch work, painting and beading and I am so glad I completed it and I got to take part. 

There is a reason for the season!

How wonderfully would it be to see the Christmas Nativity scene played out in the streets of Shrewsbury Town or another part of Shropshire as part of a live drama open theatre production.   Where the general public could get involved and take part as the story unfolded, like when I took part in The Christmas Chronicles  production with Make Believe Theatre in 2011. 

Creativity Lives In Each And Every One Of Us! 


Sunday, 30 November 2014

Create and Craft: Craft Club Magazine 2014 and My Quote!

As a fan of The Create and Craft  TV channel and the Facebook page, I like to keep in touch with what is happening and a question was asked about how Art was taught in school these days and the editor asked people to reply, well I really felt moved to write my views esp. after working as an After School Club teacher for the past three years.

Rather than actually answer on Facebook, I decided to email directly and once I got my views and opinion of my chest, I kinder of forgot about it until I got a email from the publishers saying they would like to feature my answer in the magazine.

Well I cannot deny I was a little shocked as I did write a lot about my feelings on the subject and experiences.   Well anyway after a bit of editing from the team at Aceville Publications here is my quote.

Wow! This has made me up for Christmas of course adding a few crafty presents in the mix and I will be sorted.

Thank you C&C and Aceville Publications 

Happy Crafting Everyone

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Today Is The 25th Of November 2014 - Wow Not Long Now Till Christmas Day 25th Of December 2014

Wow 4 weeks from today it will be Christmas Day.  Have you started getting ready for the festive seasons? 

I am planning and designing my festive makes, new clothing designs and jewellery makes are on the top of my list.  I hope I get it all done.  Well if not there is always more Creativity for next year and what a year I pray 2015 will be. This year has already had some unexpected twists and turns for me and some exciting things all happen just this month alone.   So I am looking forward and not to resting on my Crafting 'laurels' and getting busy in my Store Room / Craft Room as I like to call it and I pray that it will be blessed with some amazing ideas.

 CreativeCraft and StayCreative! 


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