Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Reveille Wednesday: Sewing Pattern No.36

Its #ReveilleWednesday  Time Again!

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Reveille Wednesday: Sewing Pattern No.28

Its #ReveilleWednesday  Time Again!

Friday, 12 June 2020

My Thin Lizzy/Phil Lynott Blog Posts: The Art Work of Mr Bob Marley (1980 Concert) and Mr Phil Lynott (1977 Concert), Dalymount Park Stadium home of the Bohemian F.C. Dublin, Ireland - Friday June 7th 2019

This was an amazing photo opportunity moment, taken on the evening our last full day of our June 2019 Ireland Trip. 

Have to say this was the photo that almost never happened as at first we were wondering around trying to find the art work outside and then were almost escorted of the grounds, however with a bit of help from a bloke who popped up out from nowhere, who helped us by telling us where the art work was and what to do and do and say if we were stopped, we never saw him again after and of course the help from the staff at the stadium, I got my photo of the Art Work of Mr Bob Marley (1980 Concert) and Mr Phil Lynott (1977 Concert), who both played at Dalymount Park Stadium home of the Bohemian F.C. DEW2020

Wednesday, 10 June 2020

My Thin Lizzy/Phil Lynott Blog Posts: The #ThinLizzy & #PhilLynott FANS Against Bigotry and Racism Concert/Gig 2021/2022 - Could It Happen?!?

Thin Lizzy  & Phil Lynott 
Against Bigotry & Racism Concert
The 2021 Gig


I have recently become fascinated with how Mr Phil Lynott’s being a man with Black family Heritage was & is still written about. 

After reading a few back in the day 1970’s interviews with Phil, he is quoted and talks ‘The Proud Irish Man’ pretty well and so he should have done with his Irish roots.

In interviews with Phil going back to late 1960’s, Phil  is clear on his views on Racism and Injustice to people plain and simple and you hear the topic rising up in certain Thin Lizzy songs.

In a 1981 interview when asked by a journalist about his lyrically “quite heavy” song ‘Ode To A Black Man’, in part of his answer, Phil is quoted as saying:

“...All the time I was saying that I was Irish
but nothing about me being black
or at least not enough...”

Now this got me thinking, with the 2020 Protests around the world taking place against Racism, Bigotry and Injustice and the world having to face its own ‘Community Mirror of Truth’ and with the rearing of the ugly head of Racism, coming out like boils and blisters in all colours and to those on the C-Divide masking their opinions with opinions with fluffy spiky hearts & rainbows.

I wondered: 

Could there Be? Should there Be? Let there Be!

The Thin Lizzy & Phil Lynott 
" Against Bigotry & Racism Concert" 
The 2021 Gig.

What has started as a small idea & it still could have a small start, has now turned into what could be a three day International Music and Arts Festival with stalls selling food, music memorabilia to vintage clothing.

I know, I am telling you 2020 #Lockdown has given me a whole new mantle over my life.

I have even written out a list for why people would say it could not or never work.

Well, I say, bet someone told Sir Bob or at least thought Band Aid 1985 would be Crap and who cares about the... “Children forsaken in Ethiopia” Sitamoia, just move on with yourself and your “Buffalo gal, Take a picture”…

Now look at the History of Music Fundraising.

Racism is not going to flutter away like a pretty Coloured Butterfly.

Racism is Evil and can Kill.

Thin Lizzy & Phil Lynott FANS
Rock Against Bigotry and Racism

Yes! You know this could work and I think be really big and a great way to show ‘World Fan Unity’ respecting the life of Mr Phil Lynott and the band Thin Lizzy, lest we forget, they were and are an International Members Band.



Reveille Wednesday: Sewing Pattern No.66

Its #ReveilleWednesday  Time Again!

Friday, 5 June 2020

Crafting In 2020 - & Beyond - Quirky Peculiar Designs by Debrafide

5 Jun 2020

It's 2020 and I have personally found my craft activities have increased during these current times that we are all going through and directly facing.

I am so thankful that I am able to 'pick a craft' to work on whether it be dress pattern drafting, sewing, weaving, jewellery making or whatever I feel like getting into at the time.

Just having that mental space time to myself, is for me so important and it does not have to be long or a planned out in every detail 'Craft Activity'. 

Sometimes for me, just reading a book about crafts can help, however and whichever, whatever it is, it has really been beneficial and I am truly thankful. 

My hope is other people have either been able to pick up a creative craft that they enjoy or have decided to learn something new esp. as there are so many online tutorials and kits available now.

Leaning the correct way to sew a button on or taking a hem up can have it's merits, to save money and may even make you some money.

During these uncertain times, it could be that you have had to rethink how you prosper in the future and realign & re-focus your life.

Who knows Creative Crafts could be your next business venture

Selling products, kits, supplies whatever, there is always a buyer.


While keeping a balance of mind through crafting, I find I am able to draw on previous life craft experiences and craft skills, whether it be my College/University teaching years or work taught to me by late mother and all the while, I know I am creating new experiences for me to live through and developing skills as I presently walk though these times.  

As if for a moment in the day through the projects I am creating, it is as if I can "cast my care" while all the while developing a feeling better therapy. 

If you can Craft - Or Plan Too - Great - Then - Yes, Do or Learn  - A Creative Craft.  

It's more than just an "Activity"! 


Quirky Peculiar Designs by  Debrafide

Name Definition and Meaning:
Quirky: Striking, Original, Out of the ordinary,
Peculiar: Distinctive, Characteristic and Individual