Thursday, 7 August 2014

Debrafide Treasure Finds: Women's Magazines from 1962

Well this week it's three months since we moved to       Hertfordshire and I am still getting to know my way around my part of the county.  
         Although today I wanted tell about the treasure find I have found....well it was the gentleman who does maintenance on our house who did the work, whilest lifting floor boards looking for the in coming  water pipe. I asked if he found any gold and a little later  he said he could see what looked like old women's magazines ,   it turned out once they were all out there was 9 Woman Weeklys, 1 Woman, 1 Everywoman and 1 Womans Own all from 1962. After years of living under the floorboards they were a bit mucky, so I brushed them down and left them in the garden to air out.

Talk about never knowing what you might find!

Saturday, 12 July 2014

We Love Craft: Craft Fair, St Luke's Church - Phipps Hatch Lane, Enfield, EN2 0HL

Today we went to the We Love Craft: Craft Fair which is held at St Luke's Church, Phipps Hatch Lane, Enfield and I have to say I really enjoyed it.

I saw the event advertised in the local free paper and thought it would be a good idea to go.  The fair had a range of stalls and even the jewellery stalls were not the same. There was hand carved wood work, mosaic tiles, stuffed toys, handmade cards, handmade leather goods, art work and more. Stall holders were really friendly and easy to talk too.  I left with items purchased from various stalls and it was really great, especially as you know that the items are handmade and you are supporting local and indpendent makers.

The We Love Craft: Craft Fair is on in the 2nd Saturday of every month excluding Jan and so if you are looking for a nice day out in lovely suroundings, there is an open wood/park in front of the church if you would like to take a walk, the church is a nice building to look around and there is a nice cafe inside with good food and if you are driving and want to make a day out of it, you are not far from Forty Hall and Capel Manor Gardens.  Check out the We Love Craft Facebook page.

Support Local Crafts Fairs

Saturday, 5 July 2014

The Summer Exhibition The Green N21: Saturday 5th July 2014

Yesterday we went to The Summer Exhibition The Green N21.  This was our first visit to Whitchmore Hill Green.  It was good to see a collection of artist and crafters all in the one location.

I was really taken with art work by Jessica Rose, her portaits of her cat really captivated me.  I loved her idea to take her art work and put into print in the way of magnet tiles, cards and costers, I did ask if she would think about putting her work into table place mats.  We ended up with a few cards and a magnet tile for our fridge. 


Saturday, 29 March 2014

Monday, 17 March 2014

After School Fashion Club: Teaching In East Ham, Newham, London 2014

After School Fashion Club flew by today, this term I have been teaching two classes a week at a school in East Ham, Newham, London.  

It has been like having little sewing bees working away, with one class working on making a necklace bib using felt fabric, buttons, beads and trimmings and the other class decorating hair accessories. 

I am really pleased with how both classes have got involved and have taken a keen interest in their own process of what they wanted to design and create.

Here is a little info on After School Fashion Club: It’s about using basic sewing skills, whilst helping the children understand where clothes come from, how they are constructed and made, also taking a look at current fashion trends and getting the children to think about the type of clothes they like.  

Term time projects can be changeable and themed, making it interesting for the children, esp. as some children have never sewn before let alone used a sewing needle. The children could be redesigning their own clothes, making fashion accessories to making a book bag.

One of the sewing skills I like to teach is the sewing on of buttons, let’s be honest we all know that buttons can come lose and fall off. This is a great way to get children to think about the buttons and fasteners on their own clothing also how buttons can be used in design and decoration.

Below are a few blog posts links for previous Fashion Clubs I have taught at:

Teaching at After School Fashion Club

After School Fashion Club: Book Bags (Stratford, East London)

Fashion Club works for girls and boys, when I have taught Jewellery Making Club/Workshops before, I always try to ensure that it works for all.

I personally think when you are learning sewing at any level you use so many skills differently.  You use your maths skills, even if maths is not your strong point, you need to measure and also calculate.

You use literacy as you need to read instructions or at least follow them and make or take notes, there is the visual aspect and thinking process that takes you through the design engineering stage and the making and construction of a garment.  

You can become something like a 'fabric technologist/scientist', experimenting and sometimes inventing as you bring textile, fabric and trimmings together.  

You could even become a teacher, I was blessed as my mum taught me how to sew and I then attended college to learn further about fashion and textiles and theatre costume design and even with a bit of life in between, I now have the privilege and honour to teach children the basics in sewing skills.
Wow- I had not really thought about all the above until now!


Creative Update 24th March 2014:  I received a beautiful and lovely gift from one of my little After School Fashion Club Sewing Bee's! 

Please click on the link below for further information:

Monday, 10 March 2014

Q.P. By Debrafide: Suffolk Puffs Yoyo's Cotton Fabric Bags: Savannah Skies and A Shropshire Meadow

I have been working on two new Quirky Peculiar by Debrafide fabric bags which I have called: Savannah Skies and A Shropshire Medow 

I was given two fabric bags and one was from Colchester Zoo and  I decided both needed the Q.P. Debrafide treatment.  

I was really inspired by the Colchester Zoo bag to dig out my animal and African print fabric scrap to make Suffolk Puffs Yoyo's. I decorated one side of the bag leaving a printed side untouched, I call this bag my 'Savannah Skies'.

Suffolk Puffs Yoyo's is one of my most favourite decorations, easy to make, quick and effective and you can recycle old clothes and fabric scraps to make them. 

The other bag reminds me of my previous trips to the county of Shropshire, so I have called this bag 'A Shropshire Meadow'.

I am really loving wearing these bags out and about now.


Friday, 28 February 2014's already the last day of February 2014 ......OK I have been busy...

Hello - 

My blog site JewelLucia has been a hive activity recently, as in January I was asked to join the BD-i Design Team  and so have been really busy creating with I am complaining.  :)

I have really enjoyed the challenge and I have had to discipline myself somewhat and while that has been going on I have been experimenting with my own designs with making, creating and learning new techniques.  

I have been watching Jewellery Maker TV for inspiration and viewing their YouTube Channel and DVD's on jewellery making, so it has been all go with me and my beads, beading thread and my tools.

I have started to watch The Great British Sewing Bee, which has been filling the gap for my sewing fix and I have also started back teaching at After School Club again, this term I am the 'Fashion Club Teacher' and hopefully will have lots of 'little sewing bees', which should be fun.

I am also sorting out photographing my summer clothing wardrobe. Well you have to start early don't you. 

I hope all is creatively well with you.


Friday, 14 February 2014

Quirky Peculiar by Debrafide: Happy Valentine Day Purple Tote Bag

As today is Valentine Day I wanted to upload photos my Purple Tote Bag which was originally an Esty Tote Bag and I decorated the back in a similar way as my Caribbean Tote Bag

Photo of Bag on Left: Debrafide side - Photo of Bag on Right: Etsy Side

I have really enjoyed creating my Quirky Peculiar by Debrafide pieces of work and really get a lot of enjoyment from them,


Wednesday, 5 February 2014

My Books: My Fun To Sew by Janet Barber and My Fun With Wool by Kate Pountey 1973 to 2014

A few weeks ago I had the 'creative' thought "I wonder if those craft books I had as a child are still around?"

The books I was referring to are 

My Fun To Sew and My Fun With Wool.  

These are two books that I owned as a child in the 80's and  influenced my love of crafting as a child.

Well with a bit of hunting on the internet I was able to find them and they were both very reasonable in price they are both crammed with some great ideas.

The books were published by 

My Fun to Sew by Janet Barber Published 1973

My Fun With Wool  by Kate Pountney 1973

If you can get these book in your craft library, they are great! 


Monday, 3 February 2014

Debrafide and Co.: Decanter Crystal Light Stand Collection

Whilst on a trip to Shrewsbury, Shropshire last year myself and my husband visited a vintage fair and were both taken with a crystal decanter lamp.  The crystal decanter had a light fitted via a drilled hole in the base of the crystal. 

Well we went away both being very taken with the idea, a few months later whilst on a trip to Hertfordshire, my husband picked out beautiful crystal decanter and reminded me about the idea of the lamp, so it was purchased and came home with us. I had decorative lights from a mini Christmas tree and knew straight away that I had to try out the idea we had both seen in Shrewsbury. Although I was not going to drill a hole in the glass, I just place the lights inside, I was so surprise how pretty and effective the lights in the crystal was. 

Then on a trip to Oswestry we were lucky enough to come across a collection of decanters that were going for a really good price, so bought the collection and on our return home once the glass was cleaned up we both tried to work out what could we do with them and my husband found a mini lamp that we had purchased from Ikea years ago and arranged the decanters around the light.  

We were really impressed with the effect and how the light reflected on the glass and the effect of the refraction of the light. 

Such a simple idea and yet so effective, I love being in the this room now as the effect is like candle light and very relaxing.

Debrafide & Co. 2014


Tuesday, 28 January 2014

My Shopping From The Creative Crafts Show on Saturday 25 January 2014

...So I bought fabric with a print of an Atlas with the name places all in Italian, I can't wait to get making with this fabric, I have a 1950's circle style skirt in mind, I do not want to mess about with the print to much. 

I also bought two bottles of the "Best" Glue in the World (apparently) Collall , I have seen it demonstrated a number of times on Create and Craft TV and crafter and shoppers  seem to like it a lot and it can be used  for glass and enamel, so that is good for me as I can use it in my jewellery making.

I bought buttons (well I had to didn't I ;) pendants that come with glass mounds and two 'Embroiders Guild Must Have Bags' which had some surprises in both, lots of floss and embroidery skeins, a few seemed very old,  I love the fact that one actually said the is was made in Great Britain called Pearsall's Washing Filoselle and the washing instructions was very clear:
"Will wash with soap and Boiling Water and not run.  Avoid soda, Patent Soaps and to Washing Powders.  Will also stand Exposure to Light"    Now you were told!

There was also an embroidery sampler that seems very old and a very, very dainty white handkerchief with beautiful white embroidery that looked like it came from the early part of the last century, it felt very old and fragile, I have an idea how it could be saved and up-cycled. 

I also bought a jewellery kit deigned by Sally Boehme to challenge my skill level and a cloisonné bead with a butterfly on it, both which I will blog about on my Jewellery Blog: JewelLucia - see you there! 

Sunday, 26 January 2014

My Visit To The Creative Crafts Show on Saturday 25 January 2014

Yesterday I went along to the Creative Crafts Show at Sandown Racecourse, I bought my ticket last year December  when they were on offer and even though Sandown Racecourse is all the way over in Surrey, I love making the trip across to Esher Station as it always feels like an adventure and it's great to see how the otherside of the "world" lives. ;)

This was my second visit to the show, my last visit was back in 2011 and when I arrived this time, I did not have a stall visiting or shopping plan in mind,  unlike when I visit The Big Bead Show, where the day before I check the 'who will be there ' list.  I did have a glimpse of the website advert and recognised some of the exhibitors and demonstrators from Create and Craft TV.

I must of arrived at a busy time as there was a lot of people busy shopping and milling about.  The Creative Crafts Show is  what I would call a mainly 'papercrafts' event. There are also stalls/booths for sewing, fabric, silk painting, embroidery, weaving, jewellery making, knitting and more with lots of demonstrations going on.

I got to meet and talk to some lovely people and stall holders and as I was leaving I got to have a very creative conversation with  "Mr Lucet" himself Ziggy Rytka who invented the craft version of Luceting, I have falling for the art of Lucet and after an encouraging conversation and a personal demo I think I am ready for the advance level of Lucet. Yegh bring on the cord! :)

Oh before I go I  was wearing my 

Debrafide and Quirky Peculiar Butterfly Denim Jacket 2013

and got some lovely complements from people. 


Sunday, 5 January 2014

IAmHonoured - Qube, Oswestry, Shropshire 2014 Calendar and My Picture Postcard of Ironbridge, Shropshire, UK

Today is the first Sunday of 2014 and I give thanks to God for the New Year and for continuing to teach me how to reach new heights in my life, also how to be steadfast and to walk by faith and not by sight!  

I wrote a blog post on JewelLucia last November saying: #IAmHonoured.  

It was to say I felt  so honoured to have had my fibre art picture postcard of IRONBRIDGE, SHROPSHIRE  selected from over 500 other postcards to appear in the 2014 Qube Oswestry Shropshire Calendar alongside 11 other creative artists.

Well I thought I should write a post on Debrafide about the 2014 Qube Calender as I have a copy

My picture postcard of Ironbridge was chosen to appear in the month of October and I am not sure how they knew but the month of October is extra special for me, as it is my birth month and the month I was married in Ironbridge.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my husband for his support on my creative adventures and here's to sharing more creativity and art together and thank you to my mum for teaching me how to sew -ILoveYouMum and of course a HUGE thank you to all the staff at the Qube, Oswestry for adding to my 2013  and helping to making it extra special :)




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